Saturday, November 26, 2011

Homemade Gift Ideas for the Holidays

You might have a feeling I like to make homemade gifts for the holidays. And you'd be right. Truth be told, it's pretty easy when you have a boat load of soap lying around the house. But, I love to be creative and give gifts that allow me to make stuff other than soap. Here are some easy and affordable ideas I have bookmarked or made in the past. Happy Making!

Make a sweet terrarium.
Make your own bird seed feeders...3 ways! In an orange peel, pine cone or cookie cutter. Awesome.
Make a bunch of herb sachets. I love making any gift that allows me the chance to bust out my rubber stamps (dork alert).
Make your own vanilla extract. We like to use bourbon instead of vodka in this house. So good.
Make a batch of my granola. Fill a mason jar with it and add a nice little tag.
Two words:.Chocolate bark. I am so making some this year! 
Make your own flavored salts. Perfect for popcorn lovers. Mmmm.
Knit some felted hot pad handle covers for all your cast iron using friends. 
Whip up a batch of my sugar scrub, facial cleansing grains and facial steaming herbs for a sweet gift basket.
Can some jam. We always do.  


  1. Ack!!! Such adorable ideas here! I am in good company, thank you!

    I am especially excited about those cast iron handle mitts. I still have not gotten around to making anything for my skillets...

  2. Thanks Amber! I hope to bust some of those out soon-seems like a super quick project.