Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Our new home.

Ready for a whole mess of photos of our new space taken on a beautiful foggy morning? 
Good, I thought so. 

Stu exploring our neighbor's pistachio orchard across the street.

Looking down our street from our front yard.

Stu still exploring. He just popped out of that whole in the barn.

We have a pool!

10 acres behind our house is leased out to an organic farmer.

We have oranges!

The end of our street looking towards our house. That is a prune orchard on the left.

Our home! The mini grey house in the background is my new soap studio/seed starting room. 

We are settling in and happy to be here. 


  1. Wonderful!!! What an adorable home, surrounded by so many good things! Those oranges made my whole day. :D

    1. Thanks Amber! I know--the oranges! What a treat. We just got a meyer lemon and persian lime tree too :) Warmer climates definitely have their advantages. Has Spring arrived in PA yet?

  2. Wonder a wonderful wonderful looking new home!!!! Your photos are incredible. xo Jen

    1. Thanks Jen! I was just perusing your blog not too long ago and was drooling over everything. What a lovely shop you have and I am so inspired by your use of local products. I'd love to find a reasonable priced olive oil that is local to this area. I have had good luck with almond and apricot oils so far. Thanks for reading!

  3. Congratulations! The place looks amazing!

  4. Wow, Jess this looks fantastic! I can't wait to come visit.

  5. Looks like most in your neighborhood own quite a lot of expansive lots, don't they? Your new pool will definitely be of use when summer rolls around. And those oranges look yummy. Is that grown by the organic farmer you mentioned? Your new house looks quite adorable. I hope you get to have a lot of wonderful memories living here!

    The City Block Team