Sunday, January 8, 2012

Gettin' Crafty with Chickens

Hey Friends! Happy 2012. Hope the holidays treated you all kindly. I took some much needed time away from the computer and I feel refreshed.

I am not into the resolution-y type stuff, but I do try to make goals for the coming year. One of my 2012 goals is to write one letter a week. I probably have mentioned it before, but I love writing letters. Love it. I also really love making little cards and postcards from scratch to send out to friends and family too. Besides soap, it's my crafty activity of choice. I have even had the same pen pal for over two decades!

My letter writing has been sporadic lately, so I thought making a commitment to it would be a good thing. And I have been wanting to do a little tutorial on a greeting card print you can make from old feathers. So, let's do this thing.

Okay, first you need chicken feathers. Or any type of bird feathers you like. Now, don't run up to a bird and yank some feathers off the poor thing. Just look for feathers that have naturally fallen off.We happen to have a bunch that molt off our girls so ask a neighbor or friend who has chickens if they mind if you take a couple of their hands. Or if you can't roust up any feathers, try using dried leaves.

Here we are with our chicken, Blanche. Photo by Dan Stein
Next, you need these things:
* Card stock. Recycled cereal boxes work well.
* Ink or acrylic paint.
* A couple pieces of scrap paper

Next, ink your feather up by holding the piece of scrap paper and pressing the feather down on the pad. Or, if you are using acrylic paint, brush it on the feather with a small paint brush.

Get it good and inky.

Take a fresh piece of scrap paper and press the feather down on the card stock. Press thoroughly. 

Disclaimer: Sorry about the blurred photo and the lack of me showing the feather pressing action. I have realized step by step tutorials are hard to capture when you are the one doing it and taking the photos! Especially with ink on your hands.

Slowly peel feather off and it will look something like this.

Try another in a different color if you like (you'll need a fresh feather). It won't look perfect, but it will look awesome! 

Pictured below what it looks like when I used acrylic paint on feathers. Brushing the paint on allows the coverage to be a little more exact. Neat, huh?

Have fun! And let me know if you try it.

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