Friday, November 16, 2012

Block Party

My friend Tasha hosted a block printing get together recently. It was a total blast. She wrote some great posts over on her blog  about how to carve your own stamp and how to print on fabric. Below are some of what I created that day.

Tasha carved this slug stamp which I was more than happy to use on this tea towel. The towels were wrinkled from being straight from the package, but I like the effect.

This bird stamp was hand carved by Tasha's aunt.

This was my first ever hand carved stamp. I love my wonky little triangle. I printed this on a thrifted pillow case I got awhile back. I liked the yellow and blue together.

This stamp was just a scrap piece of wood that was lying about in our back yard as I was really digging the geometric printing.

Find some inspiration here for more block printing ideas courtesy of Martha. I love the potato masher idea.

Happy Friday friends!


  1. Awesome! MAN OH MAN do I have a thing for block prints.

  2. Thanks Amber. Block printing is so fun. I didn't realize how easy it can be too :)