Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Fever, baby!

What a beautiful spring week in Flagstaff! Okay, it’s pretty much always beautiful here, but I start to feel giddy this time of year. The temperatures are warming, the flip flops come out of the closet and the puffy down coat goes into the closet. Daffodils have bloomed in the front yard and our seeds have sprouted inside. Trails have been great for running and it feels SO good to be out in the sunshine. And to celebrate the springiness, Matt and I are having a 'first of the season grill out' at our house tonight with a bunch of friends. Woo-hoo!

I wanted to share what a great Saturday I had last week when I (kinda sorta) taught my first ever ‘class’ on soap making. And I use the term ‘class’ loosely here, but it was educational! Three lovely women (who shall be called L, M & Z) came over to my house and watched me make a 4lb. batch from start to finish. L arrived with coffee cake still warm from the oven and M gave me a half dozen eggs from her chickens. How wonderful is that?

m's eggs in all their glory
I made an unscented, color free batch this time because I wanted some soap on hand for gifts for my friends with babies and/or babies on the way (there seem to be many!) All in all, we had a great afternoon together and I sent them home with a bunch of current soap samples. And L sent me the sweetest note the next day….

“I wanted to let you know how much fun both Z and I had learning to
make soap. It was very generous of you to show us. I guess you
could've kept it a secret if you wanted to! That day was probably one
of the best days I have ever had, as the day continued to be full of
sweet surprises. I am trying your soaps and of course love
them. I'm using the lemongrass eucalyptus and my husband is
using the beer soap. I love walking into my bathroom and can smell the
soaps. Ahhhhh...”

unscented soap cut into bars
soap samples from left: triple lemon, lemongrass eucalyptus, mint spruce and rosemary beer
These are some of the books I recommended to the ladies:

1) This book isn’t about soap per se, but it got me started making my own products back in the day. It has a ton of recipes for creams, salves, lotions, lip balms, etc. It’s helpful when you are first starting to blend essential oils.

2) I also recommended this book and this book on soap making. I use them for reference frequently, especially when I want to learn more about different properties of vegetable oils and/or natural colorants.

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