Friday, April 15, 2011

Eat Your Lavender

Holy crap it’s been a busy week. But, I still managed to make a batch of lavender soap, which turned out just lovely. I’ll post pics of it soon. I heart lavender in a big way and always have stashes of it in the house.  It just makes me happy.

I already use lavender in soap or products I put on my body (like in this post or this post), but I tend not to use it as much in food.  Lavender in food ?! ! What the junk??! Okay, I hear you…for some folks, lavender in food is not at all appealing and I get that. I don’t really enjoy roses/rosewater in food because I feel like I’m eating perfume. Yep, just can't do it. But, for me, lavender is another story entirely. I find it adds just a hint of can’t put your finger on it flavor if it’s used in moderation.  Key word here: moderation. Lavender can easily overpower something, so use it sparingly.

A really simple recipe to ease into if you want to start exploring lavender in food is lavender lemonade. I made a batch last night and it was delicious.  A perfect little spring drink. And, it would probably be tasty with some vodka in it. Just sayin'.

Here’s how I made it:

1) Boil 2 c. of water. Turn off heat and add 1 T of dried lavender buds. Let steep for about 20 min.

2) While that’s happening, juice about 6 lemons into a pitcher.

3) Once the lavender is done steeping, stir in about ½ c. sugar (or agave or honey or whatever sweetener you like).

4) Combine the lavender tea with the lemon juice and add cold water until the strength tastes right to you.

5) Adjust sugar if you need to. Pour over ice and enjoy the herbal goodness.

Here are some other edibles I want to make that use lavender:

Lavender honey and here’s a great video on how to make it yourself.

Crackers and fruit would taste amazing with this recipe.

Make my own Herbes de Provence and sprinkle it over roast chicken (my fave) or give away as gifts.

Add a little lavender to my favorite lemon curd recipe. I like to eat lemon curd stirred into yogurt, on top of cheesecake or straight out of the jar with a spoon while I'm standing in my kitchen. Be warned, lemon curd is like my own personal form of crack and might become yours too. It's damn good.

So, give it a go. Add a little lavender to your life. I know I'm going to try!  

What other things do you like to add lavender to?

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